Episode 340: Going Back To Blogging

Manton and Daniel react to sandboxes woes for RapidWeaver 8 on the Mac, and speculate about changes coming in Mojave that might have enticed Panic and Bare Bones to return to the Mac App Store. They talk about Twitter’s continued support for Alex Jones, and the resulting backlash that is driving some users to Micro.blog and to MarsEdit. Finally, they make a philosophical analysis of the state of social networks, and evaluate their feelings about Twitter’s struggle to maintain community standards.

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  • RapidWeaver 8 vs. Mac App Store – Dan Counsell laments the app review rejection of RapidWeaver 8’s sandboxing entitlements.
  • Clipstart – Manton’s Mac-based video organization app.
  • Transmit 5 in the Mac App Store – Tweet from Panic celebrating the return of Transmit to the App Store.
  • Don’t Have any Details – Panic responds to a request for public documentation about the changes that enticed them back to the App Store.
  • Big Red Button – Daniel’s 2012 blog post about the Sandbox Policy Language (SBPL) that supports low-level, specialized entitlements.
  • Apple Kicked Alex Jones Off – BuzzFeed reports on Apple’s decision to remove Alex Jones from Apple Podcasts, and the subsequent decision by other companies to do the same.
  • He Hasn’t Violated Our Rules – Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey defends his decision to sustain Alex Jones.
  • Back to Blogging – Matt Haughie’s shell of a Twitter account has an inspiring bio.
  • Whole Lotta Nothing – Matt Haughie’s long-standing personal blog.
August 11, 2018 at 9:44 pm.