Episode 355: Stupidly Confident

Daniel and Manton greet the New Year with a vague sense of optimism, as Daniel moves closer to serious iOS development, and Manton remains confident and focused on Micro.blog. They talk about finding a balance between optimistic enthusiasm and realism about chance of failure. Finally, Daniel talks about his shifting plans for Black Ink 2 and the possibility of co-launching it with an iOS version.

Many thanks to our sponsors this week:


  • CVS – American drug store that stubbornly refused to support Apple Pay.
  • DotSwift – Paris-based conference that Daniel will speak at later this month.
  • Unread’s First year – Jared Sinclair’s 2014 blog post about the success of Unread during its first year.
  • Core Int #148 – We discuss Jared Sinclair’s blog post on an earlier episode of the show.
  • Only a Game – Daniel’s 2009 comparing the indie software business to game playing.
  • Micro.blog Holiday Giveaway – Manton’s promotion encouraging users to invite others to Micro.blog.
  • FlexTime for Mac – Daniel’s Mac app which one customer estimated the price as too expensive “by the megabyte.”
January 5, 2019 at 10:26 am.