Episode 356: Reach For The Stars

Manton and Daniel talk briefly about Apple’s revenue shortfall, and then more extensively about Apple’s announced deals with Samsung and other television makers to bundle iTunes and AirPlay 2 functionality. They talk about the company’s shift towards being a media conglomerate and how their so-called core values will be reflected in that area. Finally, Daniel catches Manton up with his progress on the iOS version of Black Ink, and reacts to a listener tweet criticizing his allegedly misplaced confidence.

Many thanks to our sponsor this week:

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  • Letter from Tim Cook – Apple announces revised estimates on revenue expectations.
  • Apple’s Indirect CES News – CNET article about TV manufacturers including Samsung and LG who will integrate iTunes and/or AirPlay 2 functionality.
  • Apple Music on Amazon Echo – Blog post from Amazon announcing the forthcoming functionality in November, which has now gone live.
  • Myke Hurley tweet – Letting go of our notion of what Apple is.
  • Walkman – Wikipedia page about the legendary portable cassette player from Sony.
  • Into the Spider-verse – Web site for the latest Spiderman movie.
  • Netflix Pulls iTunes Billing – Venture Beat story about Netflix’s decision to stop enlisting new customers through iOS and Apple TV.
  • Swish for iOS – Daniel’s white noise audio and visual static app for iOS.
  • TestFlight – Apple’s beta-testing platform for iOS.
January 10, 2019 at 12:27 pm.