Episode 364: The Normal Job Part Of It

Manton catches up on Daniel’s impressions after working the first few days at his new job, which is a “perfect fit” in many ways. They react to Spotify’s “Time to Play Fair” public challenge to Apple, and question how Apple might react to it. They touch on other public trends against Big Tech, including Elizabeth Warren’s suggestion that Apple and other companies should be broken up.

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  • Mixed in Key – The audio software company that Daniel is working for.
  • Clarion – Daniel’s Mac-based music interval quiz software.
  • Time to Play Fair – Spotify’s public challenge to Apple’s alleged anti-competitive behavior.
  • Break up Apple – The Verge reports on Eliabeth Warren’s view that Apple should be split up.
  • Where Warren’s Wrong – Ben Thompson’s anlaysis of Warren’s plan.
  • Spotify Standing up to Apple – Manton’s blog post reacting to Spotify’s actions.
  • Antitrust 3: Big Tech – NPR’s Planet Money reports on the power of Big Tech and whether the government should apply anti-trust measures to rein them in.
  • Amazon Marketplace – The service through which 3rd parties can sell their own products via Amazon.
March 13, 2019 at 10:00 pm.