Episode 369: Little Steps In The Right Direction

Daniel and Manton react to a 9to5Mac article detailing purported changes coming in iOS 13. They weigh the significance of multi-window support on the iPad, and what it means for Marzipan and the future of the Mac. Daniel anticipates using his unopened Amazon Echo, getting the two off on a discussion about Siri’s continuing shortcomings, and whether WWDC will bring any major new updates to the technology.

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  • iOS 13 Leaks: – Gui Rambo reporting for 9to5mac.
  • Apple Arcade – Apple’s forthcoming subscription gaming service.
  • Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) – The Echo device sitting unopened in Daniel’s office.
  • HomePod – The Apple device occasionally butting in to Daniel’s family life.
  • Siri Intents – Documentation about Apple’s 3rd party extension support for Siri.
  • Time to Play Fair – Spotify’s complaint against Apple’s business practices.

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April 19, 2019 at 11:09 am.