Episode 398: Beat The Boss

Manton talks to Daniel about embracing the power of deadlines as he reviews his success in “meeting with his boss.” They compare the strategy Daniel is using to more formalized methodologies such as Agile and their use of “sprints.” Manton talks through his excitement and anxiety over meeting the January 2 deadline for his Indie Microblogging book. Finally, they talk about various scenarios where “getting it good enough to ship” helps to both get the job done and edit a potentially oversized project.

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  • Black Ink 2 Public Beta – Daniel’s blog announcement announcing the Black Ink 2 Beta.
  • Agile Sprints – Atlassian offers a synopsis of the meaning of “Sprints” in this context.
  • The Six Week Cycle – Bascamp shares their strategy for breaking work down into 6-week stretches.
  • Indie Microblogging – Manton’s Micro.blog site dedicated to his forthcoming book.
  • NaNoWriMo – National novel-writing month, an organization dedicated to helping people tackle writing a novel.
  • Just Enough Objective-C – Daniel’s 20-minute dotSwift talk from early 2019.
  • Inessential – Brent Simmons’s personal blog.

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November 27, 2019 at 5:15 pm.