Episode 399: It Could Be Brilliant

Daniel celebrates the successful launch of Black Ink 2.0, while Manton acknowledges the two year anniversary of Micro.blog’s public debut. They talk more about the virtues of setting deadlines, and about setting goals and meeting them as a way of meriting your own work more. Next they consider the difficulty of putting on a confident marketing persona, and the pleasure of being able to honestly claim superiority in some market niche. Finally, Manton gives us a progress report on his goal to finish his microblogging book, and we compare several expressions that effectively mean “it is what it is.”

Many thanks to our sponsors this week:

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  • Black Ink 2 – Daniel’s freshly-updated crossword-solving app for the Mac.
  • Into the Unknown – Manton’s Timetable podcast episode acknowledging two years of Micro.blog.
  • AppleVis – Community site dedicated to empowering blind and low-vision Mac and iOS users.
  • The Fastest Way to Blog – Manton’s blog post from earlier this year focusing on a key benefit of Micro.blog.
  • Elf – IMDb entry for the popular holiday comedy.
  • Indie Microblogging – Home page for Manton’s book.
  • NaNoWriMo – Non-profit dedicated to inspiring people to write novels.

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December 5, 2019 at 1:51 pm.