Episode 404: We’re Never Doing This Ever

Manton and Daniel talk about the FBI’s renewed demand that Apple provide iPhone-cracking services. They discuss when it would be acceptable, if ever, for Apple to provide such assistance, and the slippery slope of saying yes even once. Daniel follows up on his growing sureness that he will drop support for Blogger from MarsEdit, and Manton talks a little more about his upcoming book on microblogging.

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  • Apple Rejects AG Barr’s Claim – The Verge covers the FBI’s request to unlcok a phone, and Apple’s refusal to comply with it.
  • The Software Equivalent of Cancer – Nick Heer writeds at PixelEnvy about his experience with iOS Recovery Mode software updates.
  • Indie Microblogging – Manton’s forthcoming book which will (probably) include a section on alternative platforms.
  • Hatching Twitter – Nick Bilton’s book on the history of Twitter.
  • Blogger – One of the earliest blogging platforms, now being neglected by Google.
  • Medium – Evan Williams’s latest blog-publishing company.

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January 16, 2020 at 8:17 pm.