Episode 407: The Last Person To Buy AirPods

Daniel gets Manton’s impressions after finally buying AirPods. They discuss the pluses and minuses compared to wired headphones. Daniel follows up on his problem being identified as a potential spammer by an email marketing company, and Manton talks about the growing problem of spam accounts on Micro.blog. Finally, they talk about Manton’s decision not to seek venture funding for Micro.blog, and revisit the notion of “a rising tide lifts all boats” with respect to Micro.blog’s competiton.

Many thanks to our sponsors this week:

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  • Linode: Cloud Hosting for You. Use promo code coreint2020 for $20 credit when you sign up.


  • AirPods – Apple marketing page for the wireless headphones.
  • ToothFairy – AirPods utility for macOS by Michael Tsai.
  • AirBuddy – AirPods utility for macOS by Gui Rambo.
  • Planetary – Forthcoming ad-free social network.
  • Luminary – A $100 million dollar podcast company.
  • Tofurky – Longstanding vegetarian “meat” company.
  • Impossible Foods – A newer vegetarian “meat” company.
  • Beyond Meat – Yet another vegetarian “meat” company.
  • I’m Quitting Facebook – Author Stephen King announces his choice on Twitter.

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February 9, 2020 at 9:07 am.