Episode 415: The Positive Side Of This

Daniel and Manton check in about the state of the Covid-19 crisis, celebrate Powell’s bookstore rehiring many employees, and take stock of the massive changes going on all over the world. Daniel talks about his efforts to add support for the Ghost publishing system to MarsEdit. They react to Apple’s acquisition of Dark Sky, and wonder about the prospects of a future “WeatherKit” framework.

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  • Linode: Cloud Hosting for You. Use promo code coreint2020 for $20 credit when you sign up.


  • Covid-19 Supplies – Amazon’s new store for supplies that are limited to government and hospitals.
  • Looking for Work – Brent Simmons writes about being laid off from The Omni Group.
  • Overwhelemed in a Good Way – Brent celebrates the positive reactions he’s had to his job hunt.
  • Can’t Promise Anything – MarsEdit tweets about forthcoming Ghost API support.
  • Ghost – A non-profit, open source publishing system.
  • A New Home – Dark Sky announces their acquisition by Apple.
  • MapKit JS – An example of an Apple API that is made available to web clients.

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April 3, 2020 at 5:00 pm.