Episode 421: Replacing It With Nothing

Daniel and Manton talk about Automattic’s investment in Vector.im, makers of an open approximation of Slack. Are there implications for Micro.blog? Daniel asks Manton to consider what he would do if a company like Automattic offered to acquire Micro.blog. Finally, Daniel pushes Manton to consider whether he should have an aggressive mission like “putting closed social networks out of business.”

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  • Welcoming Automattic to Matrix – Blog post from the open source technology powering some real-time communication tools.
  • Automattic – The company that owns WordPress.com and many other smaller services.
  • $4.6M in New Vector – Blog post from New Vector, who makes a Matrix-powered alternative to Slack.
  • Discord – Another Slack alternative.
  • Relay.fm – Membership gets you access to an exclusive Discord community.
  • Discourse – Open source forum hosting software.
  • How I Built This: Pat Brown – Guy Raz interviews the founder of Impossible Foods.

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May 24, 2020 at 7:17 pm.