Episode 424: The Worst Transition

Manton and Daniel start to anticipate WWDC announcements, imagine the rumored ARM Macs, and think about opportunities to gain a competitive advantage by embracing whatever is new. They talk about the possible challenges of migrating to ARM as a developer, and what Apple might do to accommodate us. They also chat about other expectations for WWDC including updated developer tools, revisions to SwiftUI and Catalyst, and how Apple’s changes to those frameworks should project their priorities moving forward with the Mac.

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  • Three Years Ago – Jean MacDonald remembers the first Micro.blog meetup in 2017.
  • AIM Alliance – The Apple, IBM, Motorola alliance formed to developer PowerPC technologies.
  • Wait for ARM – John Gruber on the Mac ARM transition rumors.
  • Bitcode – LLVM documentation on the Bitcode format that accommodates some post-compilation targeting of CPU for code.

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June 12, 2020 at 10:37 am.