Episode 425: Expect More And Demand More

On the brink of WWDC, Daniel and Manton take stock of various issues shining a light on Apple’s App Store review and in-app purchase policies. They talk about Basecamp’s new Hey email service and the high-profile rejection of its iOS app. They imagine the internal strife that must exist between departments at Apple, and speculate about a unifying core value for the company that could clarify their position on these and similar issues in the future.

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  • Hey.com – New email service from the makers of Basecamp.
  • Basecamp – Popular project managent software.
  • Where Apple Went Wrong – Manton’s 2011 blog post asking that Apple “give developers an out” from 30% cut.
  • Shakedown Tactics – Hey.com’s page summarizing @dhh’s tweets and response in the press.
  • Cold, Unempathetic Response – Daniel’s tweet rant in response to Hey.com rejection.
  • Everything in it is Backwards – Manton’s blog post responding to Apple’s statement about the EU antitrust case.
  • Actual Mistake – Article in Protocol citing Apple’s statement that Hey “shouldn’t have been approved in the first place.”
  • Full Stream Ahead – Updated WWDC page with schedule and more details about sessions and consultations.
  • New Developer Forums – Updated with some new features including upvoting and reputation points.
  • Safari Technology Preview – Example of Apple software that is updated out of band with annual OS releases.

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June 18, 2020 at 6:04 pm.