Episode 430: A Little Bit Of Controversy

Manton and Daniel talk about Sunlit 3, and Manton’s decision to make it open source. They discuss the pros and cons of managing an open source project. Daniel talks about his efforts to convert his iOS app Swish from OpenGL to Metal, so it can run with Catalyst. Finally, they talk about Charlie Monroe’s developer credentials being disabled by Apple “erroneously.”

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  • Sunlit 3 Beta – Manton’s announcement of the forthcoming 3.0 version of the Micro.blog photo-blogging app.
  • Sunlit on GitHub – Source code for the iOS application.
  • WordPress for iOS – Open source repository for the iOS app by WordPress.org contributors.
  • Hello Everyone – Charlie Monroe’s tweet announcing the disabling of his developer account.
  • A Day Without Business – Charlie Monroe’s follow-up blog post.

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August 8, 2020 at 10:27 am.