Episode 441: I Need Shorter Days

Daniel checks in with Manton, who is making an effort to take some time off from working so hard. They veer into a discussion weighing the merits of fixing little nitpicky bugs vs. adding meaningful features. They discuss the debate sparked by Sketch about native desktop apps vs. web apps, and Daniel concedes some of the advantages of web development.

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  • MarsEdit 4.4.4 – Now with less flicker!
  • Micro.blog for Mac – Manton’s desktop client for Micro.blog.
  • Sketch – Popular Mac-only design software.
  • Figma – A web-based design suite that competes with Sketch.
  • Can’t Catch Me – Daniel’s decade old blog post about the advantages of native software.
  • Cocotron – Christopher Lloyd’s cross-platform implementation of the Cocoa frameworks.
  • SwiftUI – Apple’s next-generate UI framework.
  • AppKit Abusers – A Slack community dedicated to Mac development.
  • Nova – Panic’s native Mac code editing app.
  • SubEthaEdit – An early example of collaborative editing app, now open source.

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October 31, 2020 at 3:48 pm.