Episode 443: A Reboot of Macs

Daniel and Manton talk about Apple’s newly-announced Small Business program, promising to halve the amount of commission Apple takes from App Store sales. They celebrate the instant raise this will give to many developers, but question whether it alters the overall proposition for folks who have a choice of whether to sell inside or outside the App Store. Finally, they talk about the newly-released M1-based Macs and how they appear to be a resounding success.

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  • Trust Me on This – James Thomson’s advice on Twitter not to do the math on your history of 30% App Store commissions.
  • Fixing the App Store – Manton’s post from earlier this year about what he thinks Apple needs to do.
  • About that 85 Percent – Jacob Eiting’s blog post about how the 15% deal for subscriptions doesn’t pan out.
  • $999,999 – Daniel quips about trying to keep his earnings under $1M.
  • Free Fortnite: Australia – Epic launches a new attack against Apple in Australia.
  • Check with Manton – Nick Ager posts on Twitter, suggesting an unlikely solution for MacBook Pro fan noise.

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November 22, 2020 at 7:35 pm.