Episode 448: A Long Sigh Of Relief

Manton and Daniel briefly observe their personal feelings of relief after the US Presidential inauguration, while acknowledging that the past four years have not been all bad for most of us. They talk about Apple’s rumored VR headset, about how they may be too old and grumpy to see the promise of AR/VR, but that they are nonetheless eager to be proven wrong by whatever Apple is working on.

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  • Apple’s Headset – TechCrunch digests the rumor that Apple may have a new VR device in the works.
  • Doing a Fine Job – Daniel’s previously pinned tweet.
  • Macintosh Portable – A former Apple product that didn’t quite hit the sweet spot, size-wise.
  • AR Dev Kit – Matthew Panzarino chimes in with a succinct observation.

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January 22, 2021 at 5:22 pm.