Episode 456: Find Another Flea Market

Manton and Daniel talk about Google’s new, straightforward 15% fee structure for App Store sales, and how it shines a light on the sharp edges of Apple’s Small Business Program. They talk about the unfair aspects of Apple’s plan, and how Apple might feel pressure to improve it. Will they? Finally, they talk about whether Apple can and should decouple the costs of running the App Store from the payments made by customers to developers.

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  • Google Undercuts Apple – Ars Technica on Google’s new 15% developer commission for revenues under $1M.
  • How I Got Rejected – Sean Harding shares his tale of being denied admission to Apple’s Small Business Program.
  • Stratechery – Ben Thompson’s email newsletter.
  • A 95% Cut – 9to5Mac on Micrsoft’s policy, announced last year, to take only 5% from some App Store sales.
  • Where Apple Went Wrong – Manton’s 2011 post about Apple’s attitude toward free apps.

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March 19, 2021 at 12:26 am.