Episode 464: How Creepy Is It?

Manton and Daniel take in Google’s announcements at Google I/O, and consider that some impressive tech may turn out to be relatively unimpressive in daily use. They compare Google to Apple and Microsoft with respect to making products that capitalize on the human desires instead of sheer technical prowess. They discuss the ongoing Epic vs. Apple trial and their relative lack of interest in it. Also, what is the true cost of WWDC for Apple? Is it a gift to developers or an important marketing function for the company?

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  • WWDC21 – Apple’s 2021 conference page.
  • Google I/O 2021 – Google’s annual developer conference.
  • Uncanny Valley – Wikipedia page on the widely-cited aesthetic metaphor.
  • Announcing Material You – New developments in Google’s design standard.
  • Microsoft Build – Microsoft’s developer conference, taking place next week.
  • Christina Warren – Long-time friend of the show and current Microsoft Cloud advocate.
  • $50 Million on WWDC – The Verge talks about revelations about WWDC spending coming from Phil Schiller’s testimony.
  • Epic iPhone Testimony – The Verge article on Phil Schiller’s testimony including the “ruthlessly efficient” quip Manton mentioned.
  • ATP 430 – Episode of the Accidental Tech Podcast in which Marco rants about Apple and Siracusa complains about executive email quality.

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May 20, 2021 at 8:38 pm.