Episode 462: It Was Bound To Happen

Manton and Daniel touch on the evolving situation at Basecamp, after losing a longer discussion on the subject due to technical malfunction. Daniel shares his impression of dipping his toes into web development with a popular open source framework.

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  • Changes at Basecamp – Jason Fried’s blog post kicking off the Basecamp fiasco.
  • Basecamp’s New Etiquette – David Heinemeier Hansson’s follow-up post to Jason’s.
  • An Update – Jason Fried takes stock of the situation after a lot of public criticism and employees resigning.
  • Don’t Scar on the First Cut – Jason’s 2016 blog post encouraging companies not to be too rash in establishing new policies.
  • Can’t Catch Me – Daniel’s 2010 post asserting the superiority of native apps to web apps.
  • Figma – An impressive web-based design app.
  • Ember – A web framework for app development.

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May 7, 2021 at 5:29 pm.