Episode 467: We Don’t Want New Things

Daniel and Manton react to the unfolding news from WWDC, talking specifically about Shortcuts for Mac, the new Async/await coroutines functionality for Swift, Xcode Cloud, and the new Weather app. They talk about whether Apple should horde functionality like the weather service they acquired from Dark Sky, or make it available in a public framework. Finally, they take stock of Catalyst and the writing on the wall that this year’s announcements have made clear.

Many thanks to our sponsor this week:


  • WWDC 2021 – Main page for Apple’s developer conference and a place to watch the keynote.
  • Apple Developer – Apple’s official app supporting WWDC and other developer-facing services.
  • Shortcuts for macOS – WWDC session about the new automation technology for Mac.
  • Async/await – Swift Evolution document proposing the new coroutine functionality.
  • “Freaking” Block Syntax – A site that famoulsy references the difficult to remember syntax for C Blocks.
  • Crazy YOLO App Rewrite – Blog post from a former Uber developer about their experience rewriting the app in Swift.
  • Xcode Cloud – Apple’s forthcoming continuous integration service.
  • A Couple of Heads in the Xcode Cloud(s) – Scotty and John on the iDeveloper Podcast, talking about Xcode Cloud.
  • Buddybuild – The remnants of Buddybuild, the service that Apple acquired a while back.
  • GitHub Pricing – The high level price tiers for GitHub’s source hosting and CI services.
  • Dark Sky Has a New Home – Last year’s blog post about Apple’s acquisition of the weather app/service.
  • Slopes – Curtis Herbert’s skiing and snowboarding app.

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June 12, 2021 at 4:27 am.