Episode 477: AppKit Is The Only Way

Daniel and Manton talk about 1Password’s decision to use Electron for its next major update, and what that says about Apple’s confusing and conflicting platform frameworks. They talk about the continuing role of AppKit as a the only way to achieve many expected macOS behaviors, and wonder if the next-generation standard for desktop apps might actually be a “web technology.” Finally, Manton presses Daniel about his alleged ambition to “focus on shipping MarsEdit 4.5.”

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  • 1Password 8 Early Access – Announcement of an upcoming major upgrade, which astute observers determined is Electron-based.
  • Some Bugs Here for Sure – Dave Teare of 1Password responds to Casey Liss’s criticisms of the early access release.
  • I Would Gladly Suffer – Daniel’s tweet about being open to cross-platform compromises if the UX is good.
  • Chameleon – An early open-source UIKit adaptation to Mac, by Sean Heber of the Iconfactory.
  • UXKit – Guillermo Rambo’s analysis of Apple’s private cross-platform UIKit adaptation.

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August 28, 2021 at 8:41 pm.