Episode 478: I Think It’s Gonna Be A Mess

Daniel ships MarsEdit 4.5, and talks with Manton about the moderate success of aiming for a specific goal with “the index card directive.” Discussion of the various legal settlements and policy clarifications Apple has been sharing with respect to the App Store. Speculation about Apple’s strategy for controlling the user experience when allowing links to external subscription info. Manton talks briefly about his plan to incorporate Apple’s accommodation of an external link into Micro.blog.

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  • MarsEdit 4.5 – Daniel’s announcement of the long-in-progress update to his blogging app for the Mac.
  • Apple’s US Developer Settlement – PR from Apple detailing the terms of their settlement.
  • Without Major Concessions – Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman highlights the absence of dramatic change in the settlement.
  • Apple closes JFTC Investigation – PR from Apple describing a forthcoming feature that will afford developers the ability to link from within an app to outside account information.
  • Apple’s Big Change – September 2 episode of Dithering where Apple’s plans for the external linkage support are discussed.
  • South Korean Bill – CNBC story on the bill that would require Apple and Google to support 3rd party payments within apps.
  • Where Apple Went Wrong – Manton’s decade-old post assessing and predicting the perennial shortcomings of the App Store.

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September 4, 2021 at 3:18 am.