Episode 479: This Is Living

Daniel and Manton look forward to Apple’s September 14 event, where the next major update to the iPhone is expected to be announced. They talk about their respective likelihood of upgrading and the extent to which iPhones hold their value for an increasingly long time. Daniel talks about his next priority for the “index card directive,” and Manton shares his strategy of using Basecamp’s Monday reminder emails to set high level goals for the week.

Many thanks to our sponsor this week:


  • Apple Event – Apple’s landing page for the September 14 livestream.
  • Basecamp – The business-planning software that Manton uses for Micro.blog.
  • Sunlit – The photo-blogging app Manton is working on an update to.
  • Stratechery – Ben Thompson’s newsletter + blog.

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September 10, 2021 at 4:05 pm.