Episode 484: Midnight Blue Dungarees

Manton and Daniel talk about the expected MacBook Pro announcements coming on Monday, and whether they’re likely to buy one if announced. Manton shares some details about the new Micro.blog Subscriptions feature he teased, and Daniel asks him to consider whether the word Subscription has unwanted connotations. Finally, they talk about Manton’s switch of mobile providers and the various ways to avoid overage charges with data tethering.

Many thanks to our sponsors this week:

  • Linode: Instantly deploy and manage an SSD server in the Linode Cloud. New accounts get a $100 credit.
  • RevenueCat: In-app subscriptions made easy. Also check out the Sub Club Podcast!


  • Months of Mac Rumors – The Verge reports on rumors of Mac announcements and more.
  • ATP 451 – Episode in which the Accidental Tech Podcast gang discuss rumors of upcoming MacBook Pros.
  • Little Screenshot – Manton’s teaser post for a forthcoming “Subscriptions” feature.
  • Substack – Service for supporting writers with paid subscriptions.
  • Ghost Members – Native features of the Ghost CMS that facilitate Patreon-like functionality.
  • Jean MacDonald – Marketing guru and Manton’s associate at Micro.blog.
  • Truphone – Service providing mobile data via eSim activation.

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October 15, 2021 at 8:32 pm.