Episode 486: It’s Mostly My Fault

Manton talks to Daniel about the change of plans in his MacBook Pro ordering, and how he ended up getting one earlier than expected. Manton shared his experience with updating to macOS Monterey, and they compare notes about what is new in the update. Finally, they talk about cross-platform development in the context of Micro.blog and beyond.

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  • macOS Monterey – Apple’s latest macOS update.
  • Eh, It’s Not Bad! – Gus Mueller’s “Monterey Review.”
  • Hello, Android! – Vincent Ritter’s blog post about the new official Micro.blog client for Android.
  • React Native – A popular cross-platform development framework.
  • Gluon – Vincent Ritter’s own independent app for Micro.blog.
  • Docker Desktop – Popular virtualization software that enables Linux development on Macs.

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October 30, 2021 at 9:28 pm.