Episode 488: That’s Not Gonna Fly

Manton and Daniel talk about the successful launch of FastScripts 3.0! Manton talks about frustrating problems with App Store review for his latest Micro.blog app, Epilogue. They talk about the latest news in Apple & Google’s respective legal challenges regarding in app purchases.

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  • FastScripts 3 – Daniel’s announcement post for the latest update to his scripting utility for the Mac.
  • Epilogue for Android – Manton ships his new Micro.blog for Android while Apple holds up the iOS version in App Review.
  • Apple Must Comply – The Verge reports on a US judge’s rejection of Apple’s request to delay enforcement.
  • Enabling Alternative Billing – Google’s blog post announcing their proposed accommodation of South Korea’s in-app purchasing law.

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November 12, 2021 at 8:24 pm.