Episode 490: Everybody Is Rage-typing

Manton checks in with Daniel after returning home from LA. Daniel asks again about the status of the Indie Microblogging book, and if Manton has a plan for how he’ll get the job done. They celebrate Epilogue for Micro.blog finally getting approved, and also celebrate the thrill of being able to deploy web apps and direct-download apps immediately without anybody’s approval. Finally, they talk about the great variety of web technologies and how Manton decides how to choose among the many options available to him.

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  • Train to Los Angeles – Manton’s blog post about his trip to LA.
  • On a Train – Short post from Manton featuring a glimpse of the view from his train while editing Core Intuition.
  • Epilogue for iOS – Manton’s blog for the book-readers’ app for Micro.blog.
  • FastScripts 3 – Daniel’s recently updated Mac scripting utility.
  • Jetpack Compose – Android developer framework with some similarities to SwiftUI.
  • Kotlin – A popular language for Android development, with similarities to Swift.
  • Hugo – The web templating framework that Manton uses for Micro.blog.
  • Bootstrap – A web framework supporting the development of responsive web apps.
  • Caddy – Web server software with built-in HTTPS support.
  • Vincent Ritter – Manton’s inspiration for choosing the Caddy web server solution.
  • Web Hosting for App Developers – Marco Arment’s post about the virtue of choosing “boring”, reliable technology for hosting web software.

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November 25, 2021 at 3:39 pm.