Episode 497: My New Mission In Life

Daniel and Manton talk about the persistent allure of finding a better bank, weighed against the daunting tedium of successfully shutting down an existing account. Then they talk about Apple’s AirTags, the growing controversy about how “bad guys” are using them, and whether Apple should discontinue the product or mitigate the risks of continuing to sell them.

Many thanks to our sponsor this week:


  • Wise – The international money-changer formally known as TransferWise.
  • Mercury Bank – Banking services for businesses with an emphasis on free wire and ACH transfers.
  • Stripe – Payment processing company with a beloved API.
  • Setapp – Mac and iOS app subscription service which includes MarsEdit.
  • Backblaze – A good remote backup service that nonetheless earned Manton’s wrath.
  • Wordle – The web-based word puzzle game taking the world by storm.
  • Letterle – Parody of Wordle in which you guess one letter.
  • Sweardle – Parody of Wordle based on profane 4-letter words.
  • AirTag – Apple’s general-purpose tracking device.
  • Responsible – Nick Heer writes about Apple’s AirTags and the ways people abuse them.
  • Tile – Predecessor to and ostensible competitor of AirTags.

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January 14, 2022 at 10:34 pm.