Episode 513: Probably Not For Us

Daniel and Manton follow up on their applications to participate in the WWDC 2022 special event at Apple Park. They talk about the slightly expanded details about the event, justifications for and against attending, and ultimately share whether they think they will go or not.

Many thanks to our sponsor this week:


  • Special Day – Apple’s enrollment page, now closed to new applicants, for their keynote-viewing party.
  • Just Feels Over Now – Manton’s short post about regretting applying for the special event.
  • The Third Era of WWDC – Manton’s 2014 post about the changing nature of WWDC.
  • Release Notes 2019 – Indie developer conference held in Playa Mujeres, Mexico.

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May 14, 2022 at 2:28 am.