Episode 518: Rubbing Salt In The Wound

Manton asks Daniel about hints he’s dropped regarding an upcoming MarsEdit 5 release. Daniel talks about how another 5 years has crept up on him and that he now feels another update is overdue. They talk about embracing relatively old Apple frameworks that are nonetheless new to us, and focusing on shipping updates with features that add value, even if they don’t fulfill every “magical” nuance you hoped they might.

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  • What’s new in WKWebView – WWDC session about changes in the main web-rendering view for iOS and Mac.
  • WebView Deprecation – Apple’s suspension of the previously promised restriction on legacy WebView apps.
  • NSTextFinder – Documentation for integrating with AppKit’s native find/replace functionality.
  • iA Writer – Popular writing app that has recently added support for cross-document linking.
  • VoodooPad – Venerable Mac app supporting notes with cross-referenced links.

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June 17, 2022 at 9:26 pm.