Episode 520: Do Weird Things

Manton and Daniel talk about Panic’s Playdate game system, the audaciousness of building a novel hardware device, and whether or not “What Would Panic Do” should still apply to most of us. They celebrate the thrill and joy of pursuing “weird” ambitions when you want to. Finally, they talk about their own tendencies to work on multiple projects of personal interest, and how much they should strive to avoid spreading themselves too thin.

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  • Playdate – Panic’s hand-held video game system.
  • What Would Panic Do? – Gus Mueller of Flying Meat’s article about becoming an indie developer.
  • Dave Hayden – Panic developer who is largely responsible for the hardware design of Playdate.
  • Pulp – Panic’s web-based development interface for Playdate.
  • The Story of Playdate – Christa Mrgan of Panic reveals the history of the device’s development.
  • Panic Goods – Resting place for Panic’s erstwhile t-shirt business.
  • Nova – Panic’s Mac app for developing web sites.
  • Transmit – Panic’s file transfer app for Mac.
  • First Crash – Manton’s blog post about testing @cheesemaker’s app on Playdate.
  • The Future of Unison – Panic’s 2014 post announcing the end of development for their Usenet newsreader app.

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July 8, 2022 at 3:09 am.