Episode 522: I’m Sure You’re Happy

Manton and Daniel talk about the latest stage of FogBugz’s corporate ownership, the reaction among its few remaining users, and how happy Daniel is to have gotten out when he did. They ponder how important it is for any company to continually update their apps, as long as they continue to fulfill their primary purpose, and Manton makes a discovery about a long-time service he’d assumed was not receiving regular updates.

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  • Where Software Goes to Live – IgniteTech blog post about FogBugz’s transition from DevGraph to IgniteTech.
  • Trello – Project management software that started within Fog Creek Software.
  • Glitch – Another company that started within Fog Creek.
  • ZenDesk – The support desk software that Manton used to use.
  • HelpScout – The support desk software that both Manton and Daniel now use.
  • Rich Siegel – Developer of BBEdit and another FogBugz customer.
  • dumpbugz – Daniel’s open source scripts for archiving FogBugz content.
  • Blinksale – Web-based invoicing app that Manton uses.
  • 37signals – A famous web development company.

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July 23, 2022 at 3:15 am.