Episode 524: It Did Start To Bug Me

Manton tells Daniel more about his experience with Blinksale, how they raised his monthly fee to account for features that he didn’t receive. They talk about our collective tendency as customers to lose track of the amount we are paying for subscription services that raise their prices regularly over time. Daniel explains that he shipped MarsEdit 4.6 but that it doesn’t include all the updates he hoped for, and they elaborate on the challenge of continuing to ship updates while perpetually having to put off certain changes.

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  • Blinksale – A super simple invoicing company that was even simpler for Manton than it was for new users.
  • Netflix – Video streaming service that Daniel and Manton both like enough to not really know how much they pay.
  • Our First Price Change – Slack announces oddly precise pricing increases, and a change of its terms for free accounts.
  • MarsEdit 4.6 – Daniel’s blog post about the latest release of his Mac blogging app.
  • Out-Heart the Competition – Video of Daniel’s 2015 talk about embracing competitors.
  • React Native – Popular framework from Facebook that Manton is adopting for Micro.blog.

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August 3, 2022 at 3:32 pm.