Episode 534: A Really Good Mac App

Manton and Daniel talk about recent layoffs at Sketch, and what it means for the app’s future. They consider the difficulty for native apps when it comes to competing specifically in the realm of collaboration features. Finally, they take an optimistic view of Sketch’s future as an underdog in the design industry.

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  • Sketch – Popular Mac app for graphic design.
  • With Heavy Hearts – Sketch’s announcement on LinkedIn that they are laying off a substantial number of employees.
  • Figma – Web-based design software that has become a big competitor to Sketch.
  • Adobe to Acquire Figma – Press release from Adobe about it’s plans.
  • Pieter Omvlee – Co-founder and original developer of Sketch.
  • Apple Design Awards 2009 – Macworld article including a mention of Pieter Omvlee’s Fontcase app.
  • Moving Goalposts – Pieter Omvlee’s 2015 talk about the development of Sketch.
  • Nova – Panic’s Mac-based code editor.
  • BBEdit – Bare Bones’s Mac-based code editor.
  • Adobe XD – Adobe’s answer to Figma, prior to the acquisition.

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October 21, 2022 at 1:59 pm.