Episode 539: Frustrated On Your Behalf

Manton and Daniel talk about payments from the Small App Developer settlement against Apple. Why does Manton refuse to accept free money, and are there valid reasons to opt out of the settlement? Then they reflect on the wave of opportunity from Twitter’s drastic downfall, and whether Manton and Daniel can “catch it”. Finally, Manton remembers the IndieWeb principles about plurality and monoculture, and they discuss how that might relate to Mastodon.

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  • Small App Developer settlement — Web site for class action lawsuit against Apple.
  • Mastodon — Open source social network that has gotten very popular.
  • Micro.blog — Manton’s smaller social network that is also getting new attention.
  • IndieWeb principles — Key principles of the IndieWeb such as software plurality.
  • Ivory for Mastodon — Announcement from Tapbots about their new app.
  • ATP 511 — Recent podcast discussion about federation and Mastodon instances.
  • ActivityPub — Web protocol used by Mastodon and Micro.blog.
  • Bluesky — Another upcoming distributed social protocol.
  • MarsEdit 5 beta — Daniel’s blog post announcing the public beta.

December 2, 2022 at 9:14 pm.