Episode 544: A Bit Of A Conflict There

Manton talks to Daniel about the forthcoming re-design of Micro.blog’s home page. They discuss the marketing importance of home pages, comparing them to the “storefront” of an online business. Are claims that an app “doesn’t have a lot of features” ever accurate, and if they are, is such an assessment valid criticism? Daniel asserts that he and Manton have lost some of their “hustle” compared to earlier years, and looks forward to plans to ship a public release of Black Ink for iOS.

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  • Many Features – Manton’s post about people underestimating the number of features in Micro.blog.
  • Keynote – Apple’s presentation app, an example of a simple interface hiding many advanced features.
  • Smart Software Bloat – Manton writes in 2006 about software bloat and hiding complexity.
  • Black Ink for iOS – Daniel’s TestFlight page for his iOS crossword app.

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January 13, 2023 at 7:54 pm.