Episode 550: A New Reality

Manton hears Daniel’s excuses, or perhaps explanations, for continuing to struggle with shipping Black Ink for iOS. They talk about the sometimes nonsensical rationale for postponing a release, and productivity hacks that might counter it. Manton describes his recent adventures with AI, including a practical effort to harness OpenAI’s voice recognition for transcription purposes. Finally, they discuss their shared awe about the current state of AI, and how they are struggling to imagine how to take advantage of it, both as users and as developers.

Many thanks to our sponsor this week:


  • OpenAI Whisper – Speech recognition framework from the makers of GPT.
  • Aiko – Free Mac app that uses Whisper to transcribe audio.
  • Speeding Up Development – David Smith shares an example of using GPT to automate generation of tedious Swift code.
  • Poe – Multi-technology AI chatbot interface from Quora.
  • Dithering – Subscription podcast from Ben Thompson and John Gruber.
  • The Age of AI – Post from Bill Gates about his impressions of the advances in AI technology.
  • Still Feels Like Magic – Manton’s post about being barely able to comprehend AI technologies.
  • Three Laws of Robotics – Isaac Asimov’s guidelines for how robot technologies might be kept in check.

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March 25, 2023 at 1:41 am.