Episode 557: So Easy to Predict

Daniel and Manton talk about the Micro.camp conference happening next week. They summarize some of the planned talks, and weight the pros and cons of deciding to have it be an all-online event. They react to the iPad Pro versions of Logic and Final Cut, and imagine what the news might mean for WWDC announcements.


  • Micro.camp Presenters – An early peek at what to expect from the conference.
  • IndieWebCamp – Similar event to Micro.camp but for the larger world of open web interests.
  • MarsEdit – Daniel’s Mac-based blog editing app.
  • Miraz Jordan – Long-time MarsEdit user who will be presenting on the subject at Micro.camp.
  • Ulysses – Mac and iOS editing app with Micro.blog integration.
  • iA Writer – Another Mac and iOS app with Micro.blog integration.
  • WWDC23 – Apple’s official page for the upcoming event.
  • Drupe on Wikipedia – More than you ever wanted to know about stone fruits.
  • ChatGPT – The preeminent interactive AI product.
  • Logic and FinalCut for iPad – Press release from Apple.
  • Chockablock – Gruber’s reaction to Final Cut and Logic for iPad: expect a lot from WWDC.
  • Micro.camp Registration – Sign up for the all-virtual conference – it’s free!

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May 12, 2023 at 9:04 pm.