Episode 561: Autocorrect Is Great

Daniel and Manton follow up on other news from WWDC. They consider Apple’s autocomplete advances, and question whether this kind of “AI” can fill the gap between Apple’s state-of-the-art and technologies like ChatGPT. They lament the lack of announcements about improvements to Siri, and wonder whether they should “tear it down and start over.” They talk about the new Swift Macros technology, and whether the utility of such a feature outweighs the added complexity. Finally, they gauge the overall success of this year’s WWDC.


  • The Talk Show Live – John Gruber interviews Craig Federighi, Mike Rockwell, John Ternus, and Greg Joswiak.
  • GitHub Copilot – AI-based coding assistant that does not integrate with Xcode.
  • ChatGPT – Do we really need a link to this? 😂
  • UTM – Free, open source virtual machine hosting app for Mac.
  • Sourcery – Long-time open source project providing macro-like code generation for Swift.
  • DayOne – Popular Mac and iOS journaling app.

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June 16, 2023 at 7:13 pm.