Episode 573: One Dollar! One Dollar!

Manton and Daniel talk more about the on-by-default Video Reactions feature, now that it’s been deployed to the masses. They acknowledge the risks of injecting emotional language and imagery into arbitrary digital contexts, and think about how Apple might have introduced the feature differently. Finally, they consider Twitter/X’s new $1/year subscription approach, which might not be the craziest idea they’ve ever heard.


  • The Funniest Thing – Mat Haughie shares the experience of his friend also who encountered video reactions during therapy.
  • $1 Annual Fee – The Guardian reports on the trial plan that Twitter/X is rolling out in New Zealand and the Philippines.
  • Pinboard – Maciej Cegłowski’s link-saving service, a pioneer of creative payment options.
  • Micro.blog – Manton’s microblogging service.
  • Cost of Spam – Matt Mullenweg’s reaction to Twitter/X’s $1 subscription experiment.
  • Kottke.org Comments – New feature on Jason Kottke’s site, limited to paying subscribers.

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October 20, 2023 at 6:50 pm.