Episode 575: A Unique Evening Event

Manton and Daniel react to Apple’s M3 Mac announcement. They have different feelings about the quality of the presentation, but agree on the substance of what was presented. They talk about resisting the urge to upgrade when Macs are increasingly holding their utility for many years. Manton observes that Apple actually talked about “AI” by name, and they both talk about Apple’s relative obliviousness when it comes to AI. Finally, they hint at Manton’s forthcoming road trip, combining work and pleasure.

Many thanks to our sponsor this week:


  • Apple Events – Landing page that currently hosts the M3 Mac announcement event.
  • LLaMA – Facebook/Meta’s open source AI models.
  • Touché – Daniel’s free Touch Bar utility for Mac.

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November 2, 2023 at 10:38 pm.