Episode 578: Snarfing Up The Data

Daniel and Manton talk about the MarsEdit 5.1 release and some things that affected it, such as the range of Mastodon instances and forks with different behaviors. They talk about the increasing sentiment towards locking down access to data on the web, in Mastodon specifically and more generally the public’s reaction to AI bots. How will AI empower data collectors to “imitate” styles of other expressions, and how does using copyrighted visual art to train AI differ from using copyrighted binary code to train code? Daniel answers why MarsEdit 5.1 isn’t called 6.0, plus some closing thoughts about the waning viability of one-time purchases for desktop software.

Download Audio (MP3, 38 minutes)


  • MarsEdit 5.1 — Blog announcing the new features.
  • Mastodon security — Documentation for how Mastodon uses HTTP signatures.
  • Happy anniversary ChatGPT — Manton blog post on using AI as a tool.
  • Loish — Artist with a distinctive style that has been copied by AI.
  • Mixed In Key — Music software with a server component that Daniel worked for.
  • MarsEdit version question — Jason Becker asks on Micro.blog whether it should be 6.0.
  • Arq — Mac backup software with one-time purchase or cloud storage subscription.
December 2, 2023 at 7:09 pm.