Episode 579: A Fool’s Errand

Manton and Daniel react to AI announcements from Google and Apple, and speculate that AI could be the technological weakness empowering other companies to challenge Apple’s dominance. They talk about a new service from Beeper that allows Android users to connect directly to the iMessage network, and how likely they are to be stopped by Apple. Finally, they discuss the ethical implications of a company like Beeper “hitching a ride” on another company’s infrastructure without their permission.

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  • Introducing Gemini – Google’s new “multi-modal” AI technology.
  • Apple Joins AI Fray – Article on The Verge about Apple’s new MLX framework.
  • MLX – GitHub repository for Apple’s “ML Explore” project.
  • Introducing Beeper Mini – New subscription service allowing Android users to use iMessage.
  • How Beeper Mini Works – A “technical deep dive” on the company’s approach.
  • iMessage Explained – Another technical article about the iMessage protocol.
  • Libby – Popular app for downloading ebooks and audio books from libraries.
  • Local Number Portability – Wikipedia page about the notion of phone number portability and where and when it has been required.

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December 9, 2023 at 10:17 pm.