Episode 586: A Little Bit of the Future

Daniel and Manton talk about their experiences so far with the Apple Vision Pro. They question whether it’s safe to wear “all day” and whether it might damage your eyes. They talk about the various means of justifying the purchase, while Daniel argues that “experiencing a taste of the future” is worth more than money. Finally, they contemplate the future of Apple Vision and whether Apple will release updates annually or less frequently.


  • Apple Vision Pro – Official site for Apple’s new headset.
  • Briefly Considered – Manton contemplates whether he might never buy another iPhone.
  • Black Ink – Daniel’s long-time macOS-based, and now iOS-based crossword solving app.
  • UIKit for Spatial Computing – WWDC video explaining how to adapt UIKit apps to be native visionOS apps.
  • Be Careful and Go Slowly – Brent Simmons writes about his approach to (not yet) supporting visionOS for NetNewsWire.
  • Meta Quest – VR devices at the higher end of Meta’s product line.
  • Ray-Ban | Meta – VR devices at the lower end of Meta’s product line.

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February 10, 2024 at 12:20 am.