Episode 587: It’s a Lot of Money

Manton and Daniel talk about Daniel’s looming deadline for deciding whether or not to return his Apple Vision Pro. They speculate about whether a lot of people are returning them, and if so, is that worrying to Apple? What will the resale value of an Apple Vision Pro be in a year’s time? Finally, Daniel talks about showing the device to his kids, and shares his frustrations with the device’s lack of multi-user features.

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  • Links:

    • Quest is Better – Mark Zuckerburg’s video comparison of Apple Vision Pro to Quest Pro.
    • The Honeymoon is Over – The Verge article on the purported prevalence of Apple Vision Pro returns.
    • Can’t Wait to Return – Twitter user @RjeyTech talks about returning the “mind blowing piece of tech.”
    • Apple Needs a Flop – Manton’s post in anticipation of Vision Pro about how Apple could benefit from failure.
    • Large Bloody Patch – The Verge’s Parker Ortolani attributes a subconjunctival hemorrhage to Vision Pro use.
    • Marked up on eBay – Reply from Neil Bruder about the guy Manton say buying 6 or 7 Vision Pros.
    • Notes in Micro.blog – Manton’s announcement of a major new Micro.blog feature.

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    February 16, 2024 at 9:14 pm.