Episode 453: Go Find The Answers

Daniel talks with Manton about the thrill of being self-employed again, and about the merit of seizing on that possibly-fleeting enthusiasm. Manton talks about coming out of his own micro-slump with Micro.blog, and celebrates recent news that Ulysses will support Micro.blog. They both look forward to being more aggressive in marketing their apps in the coming weeks and months.

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  • Beta Ulysses 22 – The popular text editor announces beta support for Micro.blog.
  • A Fresh Start – Daniel’s post announcing his return to full-time indie work.
  • Almost Anger – Daniel tweets about the level of enthusiasm he is feeling.
  • Episode 355: Stupidly Confident – A previous episode in which Daniel and Manton discuss Jared Sinclair’s business, among other things.
  • Jared Sinclair – iOS developer who formerly made Unread and Riposte.
  • Out-Heart the Competition – Daniel’s 2015 talk at NSConference in Leicester, UK.
  • 512 Pixels – Stephen Hackett’s blog, which Daniel and Manton have both recently sponsored.

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February 27, 2021 at 3:23 am.